Reachout - Application for Volunteer Training

Reachout of St. Lawrence County, Inc.
PO Box 5051 — Potsdam, NY 13676
(315) 265-2422

Spring 2024 Training Class

Application deadline: Tuesday, February 6th, 5:00 p.m.

Training Weekend dates:

Please plan to attend all sessions.

After Training Weekend, training continues with six weeks of evening classes.
For Spring 2024, these classes will be held from 5-10 p.m. on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

This application is the first step to being considered for Reachout volunteer training. After this, you will have an interview with current Reachout volunteers. We will also check your references; please notify your references we will be calling.

Information about you:

Full name:
E-mail address:
Date of Birth:
If you are a student, where,
and what year will you graduate?
Phone number:
Cell phone:
Occupation & Employer
(if applicable)
If you're a student, what is your major?
Many people who choose to volunteer at Reachout do so while studying at one of the colleges in the area. Since they often go home during summer and winter vacations, it's important that we know where our volunteers can be reached year-round. Therefore, if you're not in St. Lawrence County full-time, please tell us where you're from.
Home address (if different from above):
Home phone number (if different from above):

Commitments and information:

Although Reachout activity is set around your schedule, we do ask for a regular commitment of at least 5 hours per week.
How many hours a week can you offer to Reachout?
Will you work at least 1 year, or the equivalent of 2 college semesters?
  • : Yes
  • : No
What is your vaccination status for COVID-19?
  • : Fully vaccinated (primary series plus boosters)
  • : Partially vaccinated (primary series only)
  • : Not vaccinated
How will you get yourself to Reachout's Potsdam office for your shift each week?
How did you hear about Reachout?
What attracts you about volunteering at a crisis hotline? Why, out of all the volunteer opportunities out there, do you want to work at a crisis line? Why do you think you will enjoy volunteering at Reachout?
Why do you think you're a good fit for crisis hotline work?
What do you hope to learn from volunteering here?
Where do you see this fitting into your life, in terms of time and energy? What other big commitments do you have in your life?
You do not need previous experience of any kind, because we train you to answer Reachout hotline calls. But if you do have previous knowledge, we'd like to hear about it.
Do you have previous experience in volunteering, crisis intervention, or information and referral?
Do you have any special knowledge of topics such as alcohol, sexuality, mental health, etc.?


Please give the name and phone number of two people who know you on a professional or academic basis and would be willing to speak with Reachout about you. Examples: employers, professors, pastors/clergy, high school teachers, etc.

These should not be friends, relatives, or current Reachout volunteers. It is also helpful to tell the reference we will be calling, as some people will not give a reference unless they know it is going to a legitimate source. Long distance numbers are acceptable.

How would people who know you well describe you?
Reference one:
Relationship (not friends/family, please!):
Phone number:
Day or evening number?
Reference two:
Relationship (not friends/family, please!):
Phone number:
Day or evening number?


What follows is a pre-training questionnaire to gauge your knowledge level prior to Reachout training. We don't expect you to know all the answers, and you can't "fail" this test. We'll use your answers in coordination with a later test to assess how well our training program is working. So please, don't worry about these questions, and don't research the answers; just write the answers that come to mind.
What are three active listening skills?
What are three symptoms of depression?
What are three potential causes of depression?
What are three different types of domestic abuse?
What are three signs that someone might be thinking of suicide?
What are three personal qualities that a Reachout volunteer must possess?


Please indicate that you agree to the following statement by typing your full name in the signature box below.
The information I have included in this application is true and correct. I have reviewed the information presented in the information page, and affirm I meet the basic requirements. I understand these are not the only criteria used to select Reachout volunteer trainees. If accepted, I will fulfill my obligations to Reachout as they have been set forth, to the best of my ability.
Signature (full name):
Thank you for taking the time to apply! We really appreciate it. If you've got any questions, please call us at (315) 265-2422 and ask!